Full-time Live-in Nanny

| Boca Raton, FL, United States

Posted Date 9/15/2020

• Primary Responsibility: Safety, Engagement, Nurturing
o Watching and supervising the children at all times when on duty, to ensure their safety o Create and maintain a safe and stimulating environment for the children
o Fill the children’s days with activity.

      • ?  We would like our children to be active in both outdoor and indoor activities. Not simply entertaining themselves indoors while an adult is nearby for supervision.

      • ?  Reading to the children

      • ?  Educational activities and crafts. Generally, we do not allow the children to use


      • ?  Swimming with the older child, and always taking special care to ensure the

        children are not in the pool area unsupervised (we will have a child safe pool

        enclosure installed).

o Arranging outings as appropriate (post Covid-19)
o Carpooling or driving the children to activities, or playdates (post Covid-19) o Maintaining logs for the parents, in particular for the youngest child


• Meals, Naps and Hygiene
o Planning meals, preparing food, and feeding the children.
o Providingandenforcingawholesomediet,inlinewithagreedexpectations
o Making homemade food. In general, we do not feed processed food to the children o Keeping the kitchen area clean and orderly, and cleaning up after the children’s meals

throughout and at the end of the day.
o Grocery shopping for the children as necessary (post Covid-19)
o Aligning with parents on nap schedule and ensuring consistent naps
o Changing diapers and potty-training if age-appropriate
o Bathinganddressing
o Children’s laundry. Washing, folding, putting away
o Shopping for children’s clothes or other needs as appropriate (post Covid-19)

• Children’s Environment
o Organizing the children’s bedrooms and ensuring they are neat and orderly each day o Organizing the children’s playroom and/or play areas and ensuring they are neat and

orderly each day.
o Teaching the children to clean up after activities and keep the house orderly.
o Keeping the diaper changing stations clean, orderly and stocked. And emptying the

diaper pails as required.

• General household – as time permits
o Light cleaning when time permits, in particular for the children’s common play areas o Sharingtheresponsibilitieswithotherhouseholdmembersonkeepingthecommon

areas of the home neat, clean and orderly
o Keeping your quarters in the home clean and sanitary.
O With both parents working from home, there will be times when we are available to

relive you of your child supervision responsibilities during your work hours. During these times, and occasionally outside of normal work hours we may ask you to perform tasks to assist the family. This could include tasks such as running errands, engaging with service providers, meal prep, helping to organize the house for an activity, etc.

• Other expectations
o When transporting the children, we will expect you to drive one of our vehicles. Other

than that, we expect you will drive her own vehicle.
o Under no circumstances do we, nor should you, ever physically discipline the children. o There may be times when one or both parents are around during your agreed work

hours. When this happens we expect you to continue to be responsible for the children, even if the parents are around and not leave the room or take up other activities, unless one of the parents specifically tells you we are taking charge of one or both of the children.

o During agreed work hours when you are on duty and responsible for the children, we expect you to be focused on the children and not engaged in other activities such as: ? Generally, not make calls on the phone, with the exception of short calls that

are necessary to be made while watching the children.
? Not use the phone for watching videos or TV, using social media apps, etc. ? Not watch TV or have the TV’s on

? Not take naps

? Not wear headphones or ear-pods
o From time to time we may ask you to read relevant childcare materials or take online

childcare courses that the parents are also taking, to align on approaches. These

activities will be at the family’s expense.
O We are a private family, and expect that during your engagement with the family, you

will respect that privacy. Specifically, you will be exposed to private and confidential items that may include family members’ medical histories and medical conditions, family relationships and family dynamics, photographs, video and other media of or involving family members. We will include confidentiality terms in our employment agreement to address this. In particular we do not want media of the family shared outside of the family, and specifically not on social media.


• Standard Hours
The primary focus of your role is taking care of the children during weekdays while the parents are working, starting at 7:00 AM and ending at 6:00 PM. Over time we may want to vary the schedule within the 55 hours per week, and would discuss that as needs arrive.

• Flexibility
While a schedule and structure is important we are also looking for flexibility. There will be weeks when we don’t need you to work the full schedule. And there will be weeks when we need you to look after the children in the evening or on a weekend.

• Travel
In normal times (not during the Covid 19 pandemic) the family travels frequently. While we generally travel alone for our vacations, there may be occasions when we ask you to accompany the family. Right now, this would include one vacation trip, as well as an expected annual relocation during the summer heat.

O We have a two-week trip planned to the Virgin Islands in 2021, starting in the last week of March. If travel to/from the islands is safe at the time, we intend to go, and would like you to accompany the family. Dream Yacht Charter Lagoon 46

O We are planning on escaping the summer heat of southern Florida each year for 6 weeks in July and August, renting a beach house in Long Beach Island, NJ. And we would like you to accompany the family. https://welcometolbi.com/


• Private quarters within our home
o During the period when the role is a live-in role, we will provide private quarters for you

within our home, set away from the family’s bedrooms. These quarters are located

directly next to the entry/exit to the garage of the home.
o Quarters include a bedroom, closet, built in refrigerator and private ensuite bathroom,

and include all utilities and WiFi.


o Our home is 7,000 sq feet, providing a good deal of space, and we will work with you to align on areas of the home for you to use when not working to allow you space, while also allowing privacy for both you and the family.

o We will keep a stocked kitchen. This food is for both you and the family, and you should feel comfortable preparing and eating your meals in our home.

• Salary
o We will provide an annual salary of $65,000 per year, paid weekly in arears. This

equates to $1,250 per week gross, and an estimated $993 per week after taxes (Federal

Income Tax, Social Security and Medicare).
o We will procure tax services to pay all necessary federal taxes, noting that Florida does

not have income tax. We will provide you annual and quarterly statements prepared by

our service provider, as well as all government reporting as available.
o Payment will be made via direct transfer from our bank to yours on a scheduled day

each week.

• Paid Vacation
o We will provide a minimum of 2 weeks paid vacation per year. We ask that you take at

least one of those weeks while we are also away on vacation.
o We typically average about 6 to 7 weeks away per year (outside of the pandemic).

When we are away (and it is not one of your vacation weeks), we may ask you to use some of the paid time to work on specific projects for the children, including reorganizing bedrooms or bedrooms, or other prep work for children’s activities. And the remainder of the time will be additional paid time off.

• Paid Holidays
o The following days will be considered paid holidays each year

? New Year’s Day
? Martin Luther King Jr’s Day ? President’s Day
? Memorial Day
? Independence Day
? Labor Day
? Thanksgiving Day
? Christmas Day

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