Director of Learning and Adolescent Development

| REMOTE, United States

Posted Date 10/25/2023


Elevation Capital is a group of internationally impactful companies spanning consumer packaged goods, hospitality, technology, real estate, non-profit, and venture funding. Run by a highly entrepreneurial self-made founder, and a team of highly capable executives across business units, the business operates globally with interests in US, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. With wholly owned companies in a range of growth stages and an ever-expanding investment portfolio, this group jointly serves a global vision to create an evolved world where humanity serves our highest purpose. Our mission is to create and deploy capital for a better world.

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Our Family 

We are a purposeful, and passionate entrepreneurial high-net-worth family. Us as parents run multiple businesses that make the world a better place with companies and nonprofits in medicine, technology, manufacturing, environmental science, real estate, hospitality and venture capital. Everything we do is world class and defines a new standard for sustainable and future worth living. We live in multiple places around the world and conduct most of our businesses, and education for the kids, remotely. 

Our Role 

In this role you will direct and lead a global, cutting edge and rapid paced development program for our highly gifted 8 year old who is inheriting the family legacy including a diverse range of businesses across industry, non profit organizations and government advocacy programs advising important philanthropic objectives. Her development program, is preparing her for future global political, philanthropic, technological and/or business leadership. 

Currently in Grade 7 with a pace to finish high school by age 11 or 12, you will develop the multivariate learning curriculum, to support her readiness, and recruit, select and supervise a group of world class teachers for her customized program. The educational program will have foundation in standard academic curriculum applied in interesting and inspiring ways, and expand the program to world class extra curricular topics such as; volunteer and leadership in non profit environments, public speaking, social media presence branding and leadership, advanced STEM, utilization of AI for symbiotic learning and achievement, development and operation of global impact nonprofits, all with an incredible theme of possibility and passion in service to humanity.

The engaged developmental leader for this position will possess a very unique set of attributes to support our daughter's continued rapid academic and character development.  As this learning coordinator you will manage and develop the accelerated learning program for our daughter in a hands on and oversight manner. Helping to develop and execute a learning curriculum you will work with us and a team of academic, and multi-disciplinary professionals to design and execute the program for her advancement. This will include coordinating 3rd party teaching experiences virtually and in person at diverse global locations where the family lives and travels. Some of the extra curricular programs objectives include:

  • Selecting, establishing and running a business

  • Working / Volunteering with the UN

  • Public Speaking 

  • Participating in local events that stimulate understanding diverse culture and develop leadership 

  • Establishing real world projects through global impact

  • Arranging virtual global and in-person aligned friends groups Coordinate learning session with global AI leaders enhancing thinking to be cutting edge in the application fo these tools for global betterment 

  • Involvement with various philanthropic projects virtual and in person 

Your personality: 

Passionate – You are passionate about life and learning. You have a passion for discovering and, sharing knowledge, and developing and inspiring young minds. When people speak with you, they are motivated to make something of themselves and care about the work at hand; including stimulation and enhancement of passion to always be learning.

Purposeful – You have a strong motivation to make a difference in the world and this sense of purpose extends to your calling in an infectious manner. The idea of developing a future global leader, with the significant potential to create positive change, is very motivating to you. 

Powerfully Patient – You strike a very powerful balance between the strength, firmness and the assertiveness to maintain a highly structured learning environment, and also, the kindness, empathy, compassion and patience, to create meaningful unstructured “fun” time that helps a child grow in a balanced way. 

Cutting Edge - You are very savvy at the intersection of technology (especially applications of AI and AI in learning, business, and politics). You are familiar with the existential questions of education today and are excited about how technology and AI will transform every element of education as we know it and make impossible things possible. 

Driven - You believe that anything is possible and are very motivated to execute projects and programs in a way that establishes new possibilities in the global zeitgeist.

Precise – You are highly capable and are capable of not only developing and expanding creative curriculum but also executing it in a way which shapes the learning and development of a young mind to impact and leadership in a truly remarkable way.

Positive – Your presence, energy, communication and everything about you is positive and empowering. You are known for being a person who can always see the glass half full and confront complex global situations with a creative and hopeful perspective. You give positive feedback in a way which inspires growth and development of a child on all levels.   


  • Your personality and attributes match the above 
  • 3 to 10+ years private teaching/tutoring experience with high school level curriculum ideally for a UHNW family 
  • Experience starting and running a business with success, MBA or successful cross functional management experience  
  • Background and academic certification in education
  • Training or experience in Childhood Learning and/or adolescent psychology 
  • Positive global outlook with an ambitious outlook on the world 
  • Education or work experience in political science, STEM or government or successful business leadership roles 
  • Highly persuasive and completing style with an ability to get things done through inspiration and persuasion 
  • Leadership and management experience 
  • Highly capable technology including degree or various projects making websites 
  • Deep understanding of AI and Ed
  • Demonstrated experience with an ability to figure things out quickly: make a website in a day, write a book with chat GPT, start a non profit, hire a social media manager
  • Private Tech AI
  • Degree in teaching or related discipline  
  • Extensive references on a person and professional level that speak 
  • Experience coordinating and developing lesson plans 
  • Preference will be shown to candidates which have the following:
    • Experience with gifted children in accelerated learning environments
    • Experience in artificial intelligence, entrepreneurial studies, business education, software development or general business working experience



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We offer a competitive base salary with an additional lucrative profit share program. A generous options package will also be provided in this role so that you participate in short-, medium- and long-term liquidity events in our organization. Full medical benefits will be provided along with paid vacation and an additional week off between Christmas and New Year’s.
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