Personal Assistant

| Oahu, HI, United States

Posted Date 1/04/2023


Job Description:

Personal Assistant (PA) performs secretarial, administrative duties, sources information and products, runs errands, helps with events and drives clients to appointments. May need to travel with client from time to time.


Job Qualifications:

  1. Minimum 5 years related job
  2. Computer literate with good working knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.
  3. Comfortable setting up and trouble-shooting iPhones
  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills with emphasis on error free written skills.
  5. Excellent interpersonal
  6. Excellent organizational
  7. Valid Driver's License & excellent driving
  8. Willingness to be flexible.
  9. Preference to applicants who have lived in Hawaii the last 10 years, respect the island way of life and have good contacts with individuals and companies.



Job Responsibilities:

  1. Assisting Clients in the organization of their work.
  2. Typing Memos and
  3. Creating and revising working documents and forms on Excel or Word.
  4. Data entry.
  5. Setting up and maintaining office
  6. Answering phones if necessary.
  7. Organizing storage areas, submitting storage idea proposals, implementing approved storage proposals.
  8. Perform various researches as
  9. Shipping and receiving of (keeping track of items ordered and returned)
  10. Updating phone directory and placing updates in all
  11. Purchasing items for the clients on line or in stores and stocking
  1. Running errands
  2. Ability to create and write up task protocols and staff manuals
  1. Driving clients in a professional manner.
  2. Performing any other tasks necessary and coordinating with mainland management and staff



Job requirements consist of the following:

  1. Confidentiality is required concerning all matters. Specifics are outlined in the employment Confidentiality
  2. Professional conduct and professional attire are expected on a daily
  3. Positive, supportive, “can do” attitude is expected at all Maintain a positive and peaceful workplace by avoiding any negative body language, negative conversation or other types of negative actions.
  4. Ability to fill in where needed.
  5. Attending and completing job related educational courses requested by





Job Type
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Personal Assistant
Competitive Hourly Wage.

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