Private Cook Palm Beach

| Palm Beach, FL, United States

Posted Date 3/04/2023

Private Individual in Palm Beach is seeking an experienced, discreet and professional private Cook, that has worked in homes!

Cook will live out in Palm Beach

Cook will travel to the Hamptons & live in during the Summer months.

This cook would have experience working in a home with other staff, MUST be flexible - 

2 days off during the week.

When guests are in resident the cook must be VERY flexible and be able to work longer days. 

Summer months the home is very busy with guests -  Palm Beach there are several large luncheons and dinner parties.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • must prepare and serve lunch and dinner for the Principal 5 days a week unless told otherwise, all meals to be prepared by the chef - (not purchased in the store)
  • prepare meals for all staff 
  • leave necessary food - snacks and meals prepared on your days off 
  • accountable for managing daily meal preparations and cooking for the Principal as well as all guests that are visiting
  • responsible for all grocery shopping daily
  • clean up after all meals (stove, oven, pots pans, dishes etc)
  • daily clean down of  the kitchen at the end of the shift to the highest of standards  (washing floors, sweeping - all trash is taken out. All dishes in the dish washer)
  • put together daily menus and makes changes when necessary - not to repeat the same menu
  • prepare dinner party menus to go over with the Principal 
  • wine inventory must be kept up to date (wine and champange)
  • purchasing of fresh food products - keeping all food items stocked in the home - waters, sodas and any kitchen item that is needed

The right candidate for this position must:

  • be able to work independently and without a sous chef (if there is a party /dinner additional staff will be added if needed)
  • have at least 7 years experience as a chef for a private family
  • a pleasant disposition and willingness to receive feedback
  • energetic, creative and versatile - 
  • a team player; able to work harmoniously amongst other staff and respect the other staff
  • maintains proper hygiene in the home 

Must follow all CDC recommendations again Covid - 19

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$120/130 / Benefits Vacation
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