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| New York, NY, United States

Posted Date 8/18/2021


New York, NY



This hybrid role will provide site-specific property management, personal assistance and hospitality support for an entrepreneurial principal, his partner, and family's  residential portfolio. The primary residence is newly acquired and has numerous complex renovations and enhancements underway. The  portfolio includes properties occupied by extended family members. As informed and guided by the principal's valued Leadership/Advisory Team and reporting to the interim Director of Estates, this role will communicate openly, practice and promote a collegial approach to all duties. The Property Manager/PA will collaborate closely with the Principal’s team members, including Security, Estate Management, Legal, Financial, and Owner Representation for Residential Design and Construction. This role will create efficient workstreams, develop resources, maintain, and execute protocols to ensure that the principal, his partner, family, and guests enjoy maximum privacy and exceptional experiences while enjoying their Bay Area properties.

The principal has a passion for architectural design, a keen eye for aesthetic detail, and a strong desire to impart his own touch on the spaces and services experienced at his properties. The Property Manager/PA will serve as an extension of the principal's brand, style, and taste and will strive to deliver all services with a seamless and invisible elegance - to his defined level of excellence. The properties will be maintained in "owner-ready" status to accommodate spontaneous usage by the principal, his partner, family, pets, and guests. When in residence, the principal prefers low/no-contact service delivery where needs are proactively anticipated and supported. Successful candidates will understand that their success is measured by how little unrequested direct staff interaction is required during visits. The principal seeks to experience his homes in privacy, to maintain his properties in exceptional condition and to exacting standards, and desires to replicate the qualities he enjoys for his family and guests.

Of paramount importance are the personality and cultural "fit" of the successful candidate. Our client seeks an emotionally intelligent communicator with low ego, high confidence, a proactive learning and efficiency mindset, and a fierce commitment to maintaining privacy, respect, and dignity with all parties and promoting that in others. The Property Manager/PA must value, understand, and lead with a "need to know" ethos. This is a new role in an evolving single-family office. The ideal candidate will have several years of experience in a similar position, including managing complex residential properties, supporting the personal needs of an exacting entrepreneur, and possessing the vision and skills to build an exceptional property management and hospitality services team.


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