Head Butler

| North Hampton, NH, United States

Posted Date 9/18/2023

Job Title: Head Butler
Location: Le Beau Domaine Estate, Seacoast of NH, and Four Seasons Condo, Boston, MA Job Description:

The Head Butler at Le Beau Domaine Estate and Four Seasons Condo in Boston holds a position of utmost importance, overseeing various aspects of personal care, estate management, and guest services for the Principal and their family. This role demands exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, the highest level of discretion, and an unwavering commitment to service excellence.

General Responsibilities:
Personal Care and Wardrobe Management:

Personal Assistance:

  • ?  Implement the Principal's requests for personal needs and comforts.

  • ?  Anticipate the Principal's needs and ensure all systems are set up properly in


  • ?  Assist with daily coffee, breakfasts, meal preparation, and dining services.

  • ?  Provide bartending, serving, table settings, and assist with dinner preparation and

    cleanup as required.

  • ?  Manage closet organization for the Principals and family.

  • ?  Handle laundry and dry cleaning management.

  • ?  Coordinate tailor and personal shopper services for wardrobe management.

  • ?  Assist Principals in dressing for events and outings.

  • ?  Manage jewelry cleaning and storage, toiletries, perfume collections, salon, and

    spa inventories.

  • ?  Manage seasonal wardrobe changes.

    Valet Services:

? Provide valet services to the Principal, including packing and unpacking luggage. Guest Care:

Guest Services:

? Welcome and attend to guests, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction.

  • ?  Oversee hospitality, entertainment, and personal services for guests.

  • ?  Ensure that the estate and guest suites are prepared for guests at all times. Valet Services:

? Provide valet services to the Principal and guests, including packing and unpacking luggage.

Estate-Specific Duties:


  • ?  Ensure indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces are maintained and ready for use.

  • ?  Oversee gym, tanning, massage room, sauna, and cryotherapy facilities. Systems and Technology:

  • ?  Understand home systems, home automation, and lighting control.

  • ?  Oversee fish tank care and all vendors, floral vendors, and art care. Travel Management:

  • ?  Work in conjunction with yacht captain and crew for best practices.

  • ?  Prepare private jet catering in liaison with flight attendants.

  • ?  Advance and prepare Boston condo for family arrivals and departures.

  • ?  Work with chauffeur to ensure cars are prepared according to the Principal's


    Package Management:

  • ?  Control package deliveries to the main house.

  • ?  Manage shipping and returns, and audit receivables. Hospitality and Food/Beverage:

  • ?  Run all aspects of hospitality and food/beverage services, including meal planning, inventory management, grocery shopping, table settings, light cooking, and full-service hospitality.

  • ?  Manage recipe database, canning and jarring inventory, bar supply fulfillment, bar stocking, and replenishing, and specialty food shopping.

  • ?  Maintain and replenish wine cellar and bar wine storage inventory. Supervision:

? Supervise and coordinate the work of other household staff, including housekeepers, chefs, gardeners, and chauffeurs.

Staff Training:

? Train and mentor new staff members to meet the household's service standards. Budget Management:

? Manage household budgets and expenses, including procurement of supplies and groceries.

Event Planning:

? Oversee the planning and execution of events and special occasions held in the residence.

? Coordinate property events, including greenhouse dinners, wine cellar dinners, and poolside gatherings.

Vendor Liaison:

? Liaise with contractors and service providers for home maintenance and repairs. Administrative Tasks:

  • ?  Handle administrative tasks, including scheduling, correspondence, and record-keeping.

  • ?  Maintain household and personal calendars as directed. Security and Confidentiality:

? Ensure the security and confidentiality of the household and its occupants. Inventory Management:

? Manage inventories of fine china, glassware, silverware, and other household items.

This job description is highly comprehensive and tailored to the specific needs of Le Beau Domaine Estate and the Four Seasons Condo in Boston. The responsibilities listed may vary based on the Principal's requirements and the unique features of the estate.

Job Type
Job Categories
Butler | Chef | Executive Housekeeper | Houseman
Experience-based compensation base salary range: $50,000 to $90,000
Housing Type
Live-in or On-site | Live-out

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