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| Palm Beach, FL, United States

Posted Date 1/13/2023

If you’re ready to ditch your j-o-b and find yourself in a purpose-driven career…

If you’re ready to take all your potential, your deepest talents, and your highest skills and put them to use making an impact in the world…

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We are looking for an experienced Creative Administrative Personal Assistant to provide high-capacity leverage to our team.



This is a role for true leaders – people who naturally operate with an ownership mentality and love gaining responsibility through high-level execution and communication, enabling efficiency both individually and collectively.

The person best suited for this role is excited by steep learning curves. This role requires a willingness to dive into content head-first - essentially thriving as a student and pivoting between outcomes amongst a unique team and unstructured environment. It’s important that the candidate in this role can straddle between both personal and business requests. We are looking for someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. This is the perfect role for someone who enjoys an ever-changing environment from planning a complex travel itinerary to packing and unpacking a suitcase. Success in this role comes through having the ability to anticipate, embrace change, and bring a playful approach to uncertainty. The fabric of your life experience instilled a true passion for making a difference in the lives of others. This is a full-time position and reports directly to the Chief of Staff and Principals.

Responsibilities of this role require you to be:

  • A high speed processor, someone who can be a part of fast, dynamic meetings, with a lot of moving parts, and knows how to synthesize to move those discussions into action and deliverables
  • Someone who truly understands the way content impacts people behaviorally and emotionally; learns new information with ease, is excellent at research, capturing content, and can synthesize content into new forms
  • A self-starter who takes initiative and intelligently adds value to projects, outcomes, and stakeholders; constantly adding value to your team, company, and the collective mission is in your personal and professional DNA
  • Fiercely committed to owning and executing outcomes - no task is too big or too small; going above and beyond with a solution-oriented mindset comes naturally to you
  • Someone with an authentically grounded personality, excellent communication skills, who is able to connect and influence people; teammates and executives
  • A person who has developed a sense of “street smarts” through life experience balanced with a high intellectual capacity and love for learning and growing
  • A committed individual with a ‘big-picture mentality’; you know the value of long-term growth and aims to be part of a larger mission, putting the significance of the ‘scene’ as secondary to the outcome of transforming the lives of others
  • An intelligent, resourceful and dynamic creative leader; who is seeking to bring positive and powerful changes to the lives of millions of people around the world
  • Accountable, Count-onable and Tenacious; a person hungry to deliver incredible value through the energy, enthusiasm, experience, excitement, and efficiency 


  • We always go above and beyond and provide high-capacity leverage one and other - we always have each other’s backs
  • We are always willing to jump in to get the outcomes quicker - we support each other’s growth and blind spots while remaining coachable, open to growth and learning
  • We lead with a “no task is too small” approach to everything – We are unafraid to jump into challenges and learn through immersion, even if we’ve never done it before
  • We lean into change - and have a natural ability to problem-solve quickly
  • We always work in the realm of possibility – we don’t believe in limitations and rip through any internal limitations to reach the outcome
  • We are leaders in the organization who are always looking to create higher meanings out of things
  • We like to have outrageous fun – even through high-stress situations
  • We help untie knots and create harmony through uncertainty - and always bring the focus back to the outcome and mission of transforming lives


  • College degree (4-year Bachelor of Arts or Science) in the humanities; (ideally English, journalism, marketing, business or communications)
  • 6+ years of post-college work or experience in a similar field
  • Experience writing/editing
  • Experience researching/fact verification
  • Experience with Travel Logistics & Calendar Management
  • Experience with project management
  • Previous experience working with InDesign, Adobe, etc. is a BIG plus, though, not required
  • Strong knowledge of the Apple OSX and software, especially Keynote is a must
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Impeccable organizational skills

If reading through this job description, had you saying ‘YES’, then we would love to hear from you …

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Executive Assistant | Personal Assistant
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