Florida Private Estate Manager

| Ft.Lauderdale, FL, United States

Posted Date 5/11/2023
Florida Private Estate Manager 
HOURS Full-time 830am - 530pm
The Fort Lauderdale-based Estate Manager supervises a team comprised of, but not limited to, a chef, property manager, property admin assist, housekeepers, organic landscapers, maintenance, and personal care teams and has oversight of multiple homes, storage units, and vendors.
The FL Estate Manager will correspond with other Managers at other locations.
This position requires security of principals, properties, and staff for all entities. Knowledge of staff responsibilities, projects, and project timelines to ensure satisfactory completion. Compilation of reports and budgets for the Principal and CFO.
Oversee cleanliness and safety of all homes and properties in Florida.
Work with Human Resources, to include hiring and dismissal, onboarding, trainings, discipline, reviews, and staff relations. 
Maintain superb judgment, emotional intelligence, and a positive attitude in an ever- changing environment. Oversee maintenance vendors, supervise their work, and evaluate the results.
Assist with dog care when principals are traveling and as needed.
Estate Manager enjoys planning ahead, looking for alternative options, and having backup plans.
Job Type
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Estate Manager
Salary Range 120k - 140k
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