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| Newport, CA, United States

Posted Date 3/04/2024


House Manager/ Executive Personal Assistant

We are looking for a smart, dedicated, service driven, experienced and professional, Private Household Manager/ Assistant to support a HNW family based in Newport Beach.

It is the House Managers role to streamline, oversee and comprehensively manage the operations of a private residence, always upholding the highest of standards. The ideal candidate must be calm and have the ability to perform under pressure. The ideal candidate possesses strong organizational skills, proven home management skills, has good attention to detail and the ability to assertively manage staff and vendors.

You'll take charge of all aspects of estate operations, from strategic planning to executing complex projects. We seek adaptable, committed professionals with extensive household management experience dedicated to upholding the highest standards in every facet of their role.

House Manager:

    • Responsibilities:
      • Create household SOPS and manuals containing contact lists and tasks
      • Hire housekeepers ensuring the are well trained
      • Instruct, supervise and evaluate the work of the housekeeping staff.
      • Oversee the daily schedule, ensuring optimal use of time and that daily tasks are completed in a timely manner
      • Coordinate, calendarize and oversee maintenance and repairs.
      • Maintain a maintenance schedule, tracking expenditure, assigning invoices accordingly (landlord, business, personal)
      • Maintain a household budget of purchased or repairs. 
      • Ensure optimal organization and cleanliness at the home at all time.
      • Bridge the gap to ensure all tasks are completed
      • Track and order household supplies such as groceries, drinks, toiletries, cleaning products etc
      • Ensure all purchases are unboxes and organized
      • Understand and ensure smooth running of technical equipment, utilizing IT company where need be
      • Instruct or complete organizational tasks
      • Ensure security and safety protocols are created and upheld
      • Take ownership of holiday lighting and decorations, scheduling external vendors and maintaining organization of decorations
      • Plan, organize or assist preparing for events such as holiday parties, dinners, gatherings
      • Ensure the property is prepared and stocked for the event and in optimal condition to host guest
      • Order groceries, ensure food it checked and rotated, organized and pantry remains in stock.
      • Walk through the property to regularly inspect it, touch up scuffs where need be
      • Assist with meal preparation x1-2/wk
    • Qualifications:
      • Strong leadership and organizational skills.
      • Experience in household management 
      • Budgeting and financial management knowledge.
      • Excellent communication and problem-solving abilities.

 House/Family Assistant:

    • Responsibilities:
      • Track, organize, reconcile and communicate with principles relating to budget on their property construction
      • Act as the family gate keeper
      • Managing appointments, reservations, and travel arrangements.
      • Work with corporate Assistant to ensure cars have gas
      • Work with corporate Assistant to ensure household calendar is kept up to date
      • Handling administrative tasks (bill payments, correspondence, mail etc.).
      • Receive, unbox and organize daily packages arriving to the home
      • Run errands, purchase gifts
      • Coordinate dry cleaning, water delivery company etc
      • Running errands (grocery shopping, pharmacy visits, etc.).
      • Managing household supplies and inventory.
      • Assist with packing and unpacking for vacations
      • Charge equipment around the home
      • Mothers help task -  ensure trash has be taken out by household, toys are away, help where help is needed
    • Qualifications/ Skills:
      • Proven experience working with HNW families
      • Proven experience managing a private household successfully
      • Have high attention to detail
      • Be dedicated to the family
      • Have a high level of physical stamina
      • Strong time management skills.
      • Calm disposition with ability to work under pressure
      • Proactiveness
      • Flexibility to adapt to changing
      • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
      • Show discretion and professionalism at all times
      • Familiarity with local services and amenities.
      • Ability to multitask and prioritize effectively.
      • Humility, no ego
      • Positive "Can-do" attitude
      • Able to jump in where needed
      • open to Ad-hoc child care would be a bonus

*Remember that responsibilities may vary based on individual preferences, daily household needs, and the level of formality required. These descriptions provide a general overview, and additional duties may be tailored to each unique situation.

CPR is a bonus

Subject to background check

Ability to work in US

Computer Literate, Microsoft office

Comfortable working with children

CA Driving License is required



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