Estate Manager

| Kilauea, HI, United States

Posted Date 1/23/2023



The Estate Manager will be responsible for:

  • Overall care for and operations of the home and facilities.
  • Maintaining and making ready all systems, equipment, toys, vehicles and facilities for family and guest use.
  • Assisting with family and guest visits as needed for supplies, errands, and managing all requested hospitality services.
  • Interfacing with the local community and government, acting as liaison for the family.
  • Exploring cost saving methods, materials, procedures and keeping abreast of state of the art techniques for all facilities and grounds.
  • Building and maintaining a successful team of staff and vendors.
  • Supervising and keeping records of all work performed on property.
  • Creating procedure manuals and training where necessary.
  • Developing documentation for all job and safety training.
  • Holding weekly staff meetings and including agenda in weekly reports to owners.
  • Managing staff schedules; including overtime approval.
  • Submitting payroll and time off requests. 
  • Managing all contractors / vendors on site; scheduling, scope of work, timeline and cost.
  • Oversight and reconciliation of construction projects and related services.
  • Providing weekly updates that include visual documentation of progress.
  • Ensuring all subcontractors have provided COI and W9 prior to commencement of work.
  • Reviewing and approving invoices; submitting to owners for payment.
  • Adhering to the spending / approval process agreed upon with the owner.
  • Submitting receipts for purchases and allocating goods bought for review.
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Estate Manager
Salary D.O.E. + Benefits; health insurance, 401k, paid vacation, paid holidays.
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