Personal Chef

| Alpine, WY, United States

Posted Date 6/24/2021

Job description

A family of four (toddler & infant sons) is seeking a seasoned creative Personal Chef to prepare 2 meals per day (lunch & dinner) 5-6 days per week for the family and working staff. Experience cooking for palates of all ages is a must and willingness to work with our head Nanny on diet for children. The adults are following a low carb diet but enjoy creative and innovative dishes. High end culinary experience desired.

Chef will be responsible for sourcing high quality ingredients, maintaining a stocked, clean and organized kitchen. The family entertains occasionally and has multiple homes. Travel is required, often last minute.

Please do not have relationships or commitments that will not allow you to put our family first. A car and accommodations will be provided.

The hired candidate will be required to submit a full background check.

This is an informal fun family who is looking for someone who not only makes amazing food but who will contribute to the harmony of the home.

Professional Chef jacket requested when working and bringing in "house shoes" that are not worn other places.

Character Sketch

You are a team player with a positive attitude, strong communication skills and discretion. You're kind to others and have the ability to take direction and accept constructive feedback.

You genuinely like children and dogs (the family has two golden retrievers). You have a history of longevity in current/past positions or are a recent culinary graduate looking to start your career in private service.

You know how to efficiently execute small, intimate dinners, and larger events, with ease. You work in a thoughtful and refined fashion; you understand the importance of professional boundaries and have a service heart. You have a phenomenal work ethic and enjoy a job well done!

You are cautious when it comes to COVID-19 and follow government recommendations.

Additional homes outside of Alpine, Wyoming include - California, Hawaii, Florida, Missouri and Nebraska. We spend winters in warm weather states.

Please include a personal note, your salary requirement and resume.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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$52,000 - $100,000 per year

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