Household Property Manager

| Palo Alto, CA, United States

Posted Date 9/15/2020

Property Manager/Maintenance


  1. General Property Management
    1. Ensure all properties are in a ready to use state at all times.
    2. Inventory and stocking of all properties, which include all supplies, household items, cleaning supplies, tools and other personal preferences.
    3. Daily errands which include inventory stocking of house supplies and repair purchases for small repairs around the homes. 
    4. Manage personal household organization, i.e closets, storage spaces, sports equipment, etc. 
    5. Weekly walk through of all properties to check cleaning standards and house needs.
    6. Create and maintain online inventory list for all property (clothes, linens, etc.).
    7. Coordinate with Chief of Staff on scheduling for dinner parties and guests staying at the properties.


  1. Housekeeper Management
    1. Manage housekeeping crews at all properties; scheduling, payment negotiation and ensuring they are trained on housekeeping standards
    2. Regular one on one meetings with housekeepers on changing preferences and needs.
    3. Training of all housekeeping vendors, cleaning checklists and regular feedback to them in regard to their performance. 


  1. Maintenance Team Management
    1. Manage and execute small home repair projects to reduce outside vendor time at properties, eg toilet bulb replacement, light bulb replacements, fridge water filter replacement, etc. .
    2. Develop Annual maintenance calendar and schedule
    3. Coordinate larger repairs and projects with vendors around principal’s travel schedule.


  1. Pet Management
    1. Coordinate schedule with dog walker/sitter, act as back up when he is off 
    2. Inventory and stock all dog supplies


  1. Misc
    1. Create/Maintain checklist for travel, including packing and coordinating all necessary luggage and equipment for trips
    2. Perform special projects as assigned by Chief of Staff or Principal
    3. Administrative items: credit card management/reconciliation, expense reports, mileage
    4. Weekly meetings and reports to Chief of Staff on operations of properties; identifying and
  2. listing issues, improvements, schedules, projects and vendors


  1. Residential Real Estate and Home Set-up
    1. Work with Principal on preferred functionality of appliances, brand etc; quantity, layout of laundry room, what works or not in kitchen etc.
    2. Coordinate with construction cleaning and hand off to in-house housekeeping.
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Estate Manager | House Manager
$150K per year Bonus potential Full Benefits PTO 401K Life Insurance

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