Childcare Assistant/Executive Assistant for Private Family

| Fort Worth, TX, United States

Posted Date 7/15/2022

A Fort Worth, TX family is looking for a full-time childcare assistant/executive assistant. 


The job is much more than being a "Nanny". It is a large household with over 15 on the house team and two-three other professionals in the same role also doing house management and organization roles. Many previous professionals in this role have become doctors, lawyers, and nurses. Only very top candidates are selected. We are looking for a minimum of a two-year commitment, but if you happen to be willing to stay for three years, then you will have the option to move anywhere else in the Q-Family of companies including a large bank, a charitable Foundation, a multi-billion dollar real estate and hedge fund operation. Depending on your skill set and interests, you may move into finance, accounting, HR, or even program director at the Foundation. This position opens all the doors for a smart and talented individual. 


Recent graduates are welcome although someone with toddler experience would be ideal. 


Responsibilities will include:

  • Helping parents take care of toddler
  • Taking the older children (14 to 16) to school
  • Picking girls up from school and taking them to afterschool activities
  • House management skills including organization, shopping, record keeping, packing for trips, etc. 
  • 50 hours a week with evening and weekend shifts as needed
  • Traveling with the family. Trips in the past several years have included everything from Disneyland to Austria, Finland, and France. 

The successful candidate will:

  • Have an Education or field-related degree
  • Have had a 3.0 GPA or above from a high-quality university
  • Have high scores on SAT/ACT
  • Be willing to work for 2+ years with the family
  • Have an excellent driving record
  • Be very very organized and highly motivated 
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Nanny | Other/Miscellaneous | Personal Assistant
Pay could reach $72.5k (with full benefits) depending on experience or up to 20% over current pay.

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