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Posted Date 6/09/2021



Prominent Music Industry Celebrity located in Los Angeles, California seeks contract Chef for busy home serving family and guests. This position will begin immediately on contract day rate and transition to a full time position with the family for the right candidate.

As the Chef you will plan, source, develop and execute new dishes and exciting meals for our Principal and his family in regard to their preferences and dietary restrictions. You will also plan, prepare, and serve meals for special occasions and events as need ed. 

  • Prepare highly delicious and nutritious meals per preferences of the Principal and their family including fresh smoothies and healthy desserts. ¨ Responsible for keeping healthy, prepared, ready-to-eat snacks in the fridge at all times. ¨
  • Plan and coordinate monthly, weekly, and daily menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks per needs and dietary restrictions of the Principal and his family. ¨
  • Occasional events may require chef to work on designated “off days”; flexibility is required. ¨
  • Check in daily with the Family Manager to get an approximate headcount for meals that day and adjust the menu accordingly, if necessary. ¨ If principle is traveling (that doesn’t require the chef to travel with him) and the remaining family members are still at the home, all meals should still be prepared accordingly. ¨
  • Prepare and serve fine cuisine. ¨
  • Cook and prepare highly delicious entrees, snacks, salads, appetizers, desserts, beverages, etc. ¨
  • Shop for fresh groceries daily to ensure kitchen is running smoothly. ¨
  • Label and date food containers in the fridge and pantry. ¨
  • Check grocery list daily and purchasing the requested items in a timely fashion. As well as putting all purchased items away. ¨
  • Keeping the fridge & pantry clean and organized at all times.¨
  • Keeping the kitchen cabinets/drawers organized at all times. ¨
  • Inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas to ensure conformance to established standards. ¨ Report any malfunctioning / broken cooking equipment i.e.: stove tops, ovens, refrigerators, blocked kitchen sinks, etc. to the Estate Manager. As well as any broken items such as wine glasses, plates, missing cutlery, etc. ¨
  • Cleaning out old/expired food regularly. ¨
  • Handling all events and working with the Estate Manager and Family Manager on details of events and setting up additional vendors when necessary. ¨
  • Kitchen clean-up daily. ¨ Remove trash daily before leaving at the end of the night. ¨ Submit receipts weekly. ¨
  • If any cooking supplies, other than food, are needed – discuss with Estate Manager, prior to purchasing. ¨
  • Required to work some holidays, even if a particular holiday falls on an “off” day. ¨ Plan menus for holiday events, i.e.: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. work with Estate Manager & Family Manager several weeks prior for details and menu planning.
  • Occasional travel with the family – whether it be in state, out of state or out of the country. ¨
  • Incorporating and responding to feedback. ¨
  • Manage and stay within budget set by Estate Manager or Family Manager for merchandise, food and events. ¨
  • Check all purchased supplies for quality and account for each delivered item. ¨
  • Create and explore new recipes and food presentations that the family might enjoy ¨
  • Present and serve food creatively ¨
  • Research, source, and negotiate with high quality food suppliers ¨
  • Plan, coordinate, cook, and serve food for special even
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$500 - $700 per day - with overtime rate DOE

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