Health Focused Nanny Family Assistant to Mother and 2 Kids

| Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Posted Date 11/13/2021

A stay-at-home mom is looking for a health-focused Nanny Family Assistant that can help her with the care of her household and 2 young children, a 6-week old boy and a 2 year old girl. The family likes to drink green juice, meditate, practice yoga, cook with organic produce, and take the kids on nature hikes. The ideal candidate would be an extension of this.

Position Details

  • Hours/Schedule: Full-time, guaranteeing 50+ hours per week. Five days a week, 9+ hours a day. A typical week would look like M-F, some days 8am-5pm and some days noon - 9pm.
  • Travel: Occasionally travel with the family on week-long trips. 
  • Live-in/Live-out: Live-out. A guest bedroom and bathroom at the house will be available on occasional overnights when mom and dad are traveling.
  • Compensation and Benefits: The family is offering $30+ hour, for 50+ hours a week. Flexible to structuring this differently.
  • Start Date: January 3rd.
  • Other Notes: Driving is required for this role and the candidate must have a safe and reliable car to drive the kids in. The family also has 2 king charles cavalier dogs.
  • Daily meal prep - The mother is a Nutritionist who cooks and prepares Organic, Paleo, and plant-based drinks and dishes. Ideally someone would help her meal prep daily.
  • Daily laundry - washing, folding, and putting away using nontoxic laundry supplies.
  • Daily house tidying and organization (deep cleans won't be requested).
  • Daily errand runs - pick up groceries, take a child to school or an activity, return items at the post office, pick up green juices on the way to house, take dogs to groomer etc.
  • The family practices attachment parenting (tandem breastfeeding, bedsharing, baby wearing, and empathetic comforting of kids) and are passionate about Montessori education. Experience working with similar families is a bonus, but not required.
  • Work with kids with food intolerances - serious dairy allergy and gluten intolerances.

* We believe in the natural healing power of the human body, and are open to hiring a candidate who is vaccinated or unvaccinated from Covid. 

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Caregiver | Family Assistant | House Manager | Housekeeper | Nanny | Personal Assistant
Our family is offering $30+/hour, for 50+ hours a week

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