| Greenwich, CT, United States

Posted Date 11/17/2020

Looking for a Butler to assist with homes in Greenwich, CT and Lower Manhattan for a family of 5 with three young children. Childcare is not required, however.

Candidate will be responsible for curating and managing a full inventory of formal, party, and casual dinnerware, serving ware, flatware, and glassware. Existing relationships with outside diningware vendors is a plus. Candidate will be responsible for all things service related, from planning small and large scale dinner parties, to table settings, acting as a server/bartender, and hiring additional staff when necessary. Maintaining the highest level of service is a must. Candidate will work closely with the family's chef to create menus and ensure the Principal's needs and wants are met for every occasion, including daily meals. Extensive wine knowledge is a plus, but not required. However, said candidate will be responsible for full wine and liquor management and inventory. Canidate will work with both the Principal's chef and driver to maintain the household pantry and see to it that it is always fully stocked.

Additional responsibilities include day to day management of interior staff, interior inventory (basic household necessities, cleaning products, etc.), working with interior designers as needed, and maintaining order and cleanliness. Candidate will be asked to curate and purchase items such as bed linens, towels, accessories, etc. Candidate will report to Estate Manager when improvements need to be made and will assist Estate Manager when said manager is unavailable or traveling. Candidate will be responsible for Principal's wardrobe management, and should see to it that shoes are cleaned, laundry is properly attended to, closets are organized, etc.
Attention to detail, organization skills, and the ability to make changes at a moments notice are a must. A great deal of flexibility and the ability to adapt is essential. This is not an office job, and will require someone who is incredibly hands-on. Formal butler training is prefered, but not required. Candidate should be willing to travel between both Greenwich, CT & Lower Manhattan. A vehicle is not required but is preferred. Candidate may be asked to travel with family to outside locations, but advanced notice will be given. This is a full time position with benefits offered. Salary will be based on experience.  
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