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| Bellevue, WA, United States

Posted Date 8/10/2020

*As with all positions posted through The Meyer Suite, there are very specific application instructions listed.  Those who overlook or ignore the application instructions will not be considered for this role.



This Personal Assistant position will primarily support a Bellevue-based business owner and her partner, working from their home.  The responsibilities will include managing many personal/household affairs as well supporting some aspects of the principal’s key business needs.  The scope of work is broad and may expand or evolve over time. 


About the principal:

  • CEO/business owner, who is very engaged with the business, which has locations beyond the Seattle area. For this reason, the principal does travel frequently (under normal circumstances), and for long stretches of time, at times.
  • She lives with a partner, but does not have children. There will be some assistance to/for her partner, as well as additional family members, as requested
  • She is efficient, moves swiftly, errs on the side of “extremely organized,” and likes an extremely organized home environment


Key Responsibilities:

80% Personal affairs management (will include, but not limited to):

  • Household/property oversight and point-of-contact for 5,000 sq ft home. A big project for the person hired will be to put together a household manual
  • Tidy up around the house (Note: there is a housekeeper who cleans the house 3x/week. But this role will include actively maintaining order in between those visits.  Examples may include: washing dishes, putting things away that were left out, taking out the trash, noticing that the essential oil diffuser should be refilled, etc.)
  • Keep things very organized around the house* (Household receives a large volume of packages daily.  The PA is responsible for opening the boxes, putting everything away, and breaking down boxes for recycling)
  • Purchases (online and from local stores) and managing returns (online and in-person). This will include tracking orders, and anything sent outside the home but expected back.
  • Grocery and toiletry shopping (and/or ordering online and managing the orders), and maintaining the pantry and fridge (this includes restocking the fridge regularly
  • Errands (picking things up, dropping things off, mail + shipments
  • Gifts (includes everything from sending flowers to personal and business contacts, and proactively managing gifts that should be send both personal and business contacts for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays). Staying well ahead of the events is key!
  • Trip planning (this includes not only booking/securing reservations, but also packing/unpacking, coordinating deliveries before travel, etc.
  • Car maintenance
  • Assisting family members, as requested
  • Pet care (walk dogs, clean up after dogs
    • One of the dogs can be aggressive with new people, so the PA hired will need to be mindful of this, especially when vendors are present


20% Administrative and business-related work (will include, but not limited to):

  • Bill-paying (which includes personal bills, vendors, and some employees)
  • Occasionally, sit in on business meetings with the principal, being a second ear, and taking notes on action-items
  • Maintain principal’s CRM (if you are unfamiliar with this term, please do look it up and make sure you are comfortable with this)
  • Help get principal set up tech-wise. Examples: setting up the iphone and ring light for IG videos, organizing digital photo files, manage tech issues for the home, etc.


Essential qualities:

  • *You are quite obsessed with order and organization. The principal is, so it’s important that you not only respect that she is, but “get it,” too
  • Resourceful! While a go-to, local rolodex will be an asset in this role, the priority will always be to find the best source for *this principal’s* need or issue.  Sometimes that means finding the very best of the best, and sometimes it means finding the best type of something for this principal’s tastes, knowing there can be a difference.
  • You think ahead, and not because you have to for this type of role, but because you are hard-wired this way. You naturally scan the week ahead, month ahead, trips ahead, events ahead, likely questions ahead, etc., and plot out plans for ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • You’re a caretaker at heart. Some days, you may offer to warm up food the chef prepared the day before, or make a smoothie for the principal. 
  • Business-aware. While the position is based in a home, and the majority of the day-to-day work is focused on personal affairs, the person hired will interact with the principal’s business contacts and will operate within the principal’s emails and contacts


Coordination with others and teamwork

While this position is not currently designed to manage others, the PA will liaise with several vendors on a regular basis. Examples include:

  • Coordinating meal schedule with the chef, and coming up with meal solutions when chef is unavailable
  • Schedule personal appointments that take place at home, and may involve careful coordination around principal’s schedule
  • Oversee vendors who come into the home, ensuring they have what they need and are careful and discreet with their work



  • You have experience in a similar role. While some aspects may be new to you, the concept of right-hand, full-picture support is not new to you.
  • You are self-sufficient with technology and your go-to action when there are issues: troubleshoot
  • You possess service mindset, and core belief that no task is beneath you
  • Schedule and availability flexibility. This includes willingness and availability to relocate for months at a time (obviously, during the pandemic, this will be evaluated carefully, but is a strong possibility within the coming year), as well as the ability (and excitement) to travel on very short notice
  • Comfortable with dogs



  • This position is based in the Seattle area (Bellevue), and best suited for a currently local professional. This is NOT a virtual support position, and will require the employee to work on-site immediately. 
  • Entry-level Spanish speaking is preferred but not required 
  • Flexible to work outside of traditional business hours. While not designed to overextend the person hired, this is definitely a position that requires some flexibility and availability to converse and engage with work outside of 9-5/M-F.  You should also be able to work nights and weekend, if needed.
  • Local candidates preferred; no relocation will be provided at this time


Additional information

  • Candidate must pass an extensive background check.
  • Professional references will be called
  • Candidate will be required to sign a Non Disclosure/ Confidentiality Agreement.

To apply:

PLEASE READ: In lieu of a formulaic cover letter, please answer the following questions within the body of your application to, and include your resume. 


  1. Why are you seeking a new position at this time?
  2. Please confirm that you meet all the requirements, and that you are comfortable starting a position that will be primarily based from a home in Bellevue (very limited virtual work).
  3. If on Day 1 of this job, your employer asked you for your go-to general household repairs person in Bellevue, how would you respond to the request? (This is more of a question related to your thought process than actual recommendation; we’re not phishing for vendor recommendations)
  4. Please confirm that you understand that this position is not a position that will always fit within set business hours, and that you are comfortable with the flexibility required, on-site and off-site.
  5. Share something fun or unique about yourself; we’d love to know there is a human being applying for this job!

Thank you for your time reviewing this job description and applying for the job. Due to the volume of responses we receive, we will not be able to acknowledge each application. If we feel you could be a good fit for this position, we will contact you. Please do not contact us multiple times.

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House Manager | Personal Assistant
Comp + Benefits: • Salary: DOE (likely in the $70k - 90k space) • Generous, business-like benefits and paid time off will be offered. To be discussed during interview process.

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