Household Manager & Personal Assistant

| Seattle, WA, United States

Posted Date 11/13/2021

We are a busy couple living in Queen Anne, Seattle. We are looking for an experienced assistant to manage our personal lives, so that we can stay focused on work.


Pay: Pay begins at $30/hr, and depends on experience. 

Hours: 10-20hrs/week. There is a big backlog of work right now that could provide more than 20 hours for some time, if you are interested. Exact hours are flexible and up to you. Every now and then we may have an urgent request, but this is uncommon.

Location: The job can be done mostly remote, however some projects do require being in person. I’d generally expect a need to be at our house one day per week.


Background Requirements:

  1. The ideal candidate has experience as a household manager, either executive assistant, or personal assistant. We are open to alternative backgrounds with relevant experience that meets the other requirements and traits.
  2. Reliable transportation, valid driver's license.
  3. Passing a background check.


  1. Tech-savvy and comfortable doing most of this job remotely. You should know how to use WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Gmail, Zoom and be willing or able to learn new tools/apps as needed on your own.
  2. Researcher. Someone who loves to use Google, Yelp, referrals, and any tool at your disposal to learn about new subjects and find the “best” option available.
  3. Problem Solver. Someone who doesn't just do a job, but understands the “why”, and even proposes alternatives.
  4. Prolific and detailed note-taker, natural prioritizer, not afraid to ask questions. 


Remote Duties Include:

  1. Managing household projects. Including researching and booking household contractors, finding the right balance of availability/cost/skill. Managing follow-ups, evaluating quotes, etc.
  2. Help with travel. Researching and booking. Proactive suggestions and bookings for weekend trips. Ensuring that pet-sitters set up, when needed.
  3. Managing house-cleaners, such as scheduling, payment, translation (they speak spanish). 
  4. Research. I will often be interested in learning more about a subject or idea, or need to solve a vague problem and will ask you to learn more about it. This often includes finding some kind of specific provider or business.
  5. Scheduling Appointments, such as for doctor appointments. 
  6. Managing certain online subscriptions, such as picking out weekly meals that fit certain allergy requirements.
  7. Helping to return phone calls, voicemails, emails, and text messages. 

In Person Duties Include:

  1. Being here for contractors and for household projects so that we can focus on work. Our schedules make us unable to assist contractors with questions, or allow projects to be otherwise too disruptive. 
  2. Weekly light tidying & organization. We have house cleaners for deep cleaning and laundry, but could often use an additional tidy-up mid-week. There are also a few large organization projects around the house.
  3. Managing returns, packages, and dry cleaning.
  4. Taking cars in for maintenance.
  5. Taking cats to the vet.


If you are interested, please reach out, and if we think it might be a good fit, we’ll reach out to set up an interview.


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Family Assistant | House Manager | Personal Assistant
$30+/hr, depending on experience

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