Estate Manager (Residential and Commercial)

| New York, NY, United States

Posted Date 4/07/2021

A family looking for an individual (ideally based in NY, or willing to relocate) to oversee the general operations of the residential and commercial properties and staff, acting autonomously where needed, and providing concise weekly updates to the family on the status of their businesses and residences.

The EM is to act on behalf of the principals, both in their favor and in their communication style. The EM’s role is to bring cohesion and harmony to the properties, through excellent manual creation and organization of staff. The EM is to act as an all-around gatekeeper.

This role requires knowledge in the areas of residential household maintenance, rental properties, alongside some business knowledge to assist and communicate with staff at the commercial properties

Locations of Properties: NYC, NY, CA and Paris, France.

Projects & Commercial Management

  • Weekly (or as needed) check-ins with the principals, staff and contractors etc.
  • Budget management
  • Oversight/ monitoring of renovation projects and general maintenance of the residences
  • Overseeing, sourcing and maintaining contracts/ appointments with suppliers, contractors and various appointments as needed

Manuals/ Coordination

  • Creation of household manuals (for staff, guests and family) at each property – creating coordination and simplification between the properties - “synergy”
  • Undertaking regular walkthroughs at the properties to check all equipment and systems are working.

Rented Properties

  • Managing tenants and contracts. Ensuring tenant queries are looked after in a timely manner, and all contracts and payments are in order.

Legals & Contracts

  • Detailed and considered reading of all property contracts and legal documentation, both residential and commercial
  • Liaising with the principals’ legal team as requested
  • Ensuring all maintenance contracts are negotiated, documented, stored and well monitored

Family and P.A. Assistance

  • Awareness of the family’s day to day movements – calendar management is not required
  • Coordinating with Flight Management Company/Pilots to monitor availability/maintenance of 2 personal aircraft. Work with travel agents/Pilots on trip itineraries.
  • Work with local agents to license, register and maintain vehicles. 

Household Accounts, Recording & Reporting

  • Liaising/ coordinating with the bill pay provider and accountants on behalf of the principals
  • Working with accounting firm to provide monthly and/or quarterly reports.

 Primary Point of Contact

  • Serving as a point-of-contact for all emergencies and urgent questions, and for any staff/ tenant related queries

Staff Management

  • Overseeing and managing staff, including recruitment
  • Evaluating the staffing requirements


  • Travelling as needed to the different properties
  • Property set up; liaising with on ground staff to prepare for arrival
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