Experienced Estate Manager

| New York, NY, United States

Posted Date 9/09/2020

A family looking for an incredible Estate Manager to look after multiple homes, across the East Coast. Must have great experience, and be a team player. They will be expected to be 'on-call' so full flexibility is required, but salary is highly competitive.  

Reporting to: The Principals   

Hours: Full-Time, typically 5 days a week, but working schedule will be determined by what is required. Candidates should be prepared to be on call 24/7.

The Home: One apartment in NYC, one estate in The Hamptons, one estate in West Palm Beach, construction in FL and construction in The Bahamas


The Role

The estate manager is expected to be meticulous, proactive and adaptable while overseeing the general operations of the client’s properties and staff. Daily tasks include, but are not limited to, serving as an all-around gatekeeper to the Principal, demonstrating a hands-on approach to daily property maintenance including indoors and outdoors, managing staff members and schedules, planning and organizing events, arranging appointments for personal or professional needs, scheduling and overseeing home maintenance, handling household bills, and running errands. This role requires technical knowledge in the areas of household maintenance, cleaning, entertaining, clothing, food and menu planning - they should be able to ‘step in’ any role.

The Estate Manager should be able to work independently and divide their time appropriately between the properties, sourcing external staff as required to ensure all properties are looked after at all times. They should give direction and training to the household team and suppliers at the properties. The properties should be immaculate and ready for guest arrival at any time. The Estate Manager acts as the representative of the family, ensuring budgets are kept tight, regular checks on staffing needs, ensuring the smoothest most efficient running of the home(s). Complete flexibility and confidentiality are of paramount importance.


 Preferred Qualities:

  • Must always be discrete – confidentiality is very important
  • High attention to detail
  • Service orientated
  • Adaptable
  • Dynamic
  • Quick learner, very intelligent (great with figures and numbers)
  • Great communication skills
  • Must be flexible – happy to work with changing schedules, and a busy family home
  • Longevity seeking – career focused


  • Perfect English
  • Excellent references required from both current and previous employers
  • Minimum 10+ years related experience working in a similar role
  • Exceptional organizational skills and dedication to responsibilities; above and beyond attitude with a keen eye for detail
  • Familiarity with NY and FL
  • Polished, poised, and professional; strong time management skills and task prioritization
  • Valid Driver’s License and legally able to work within the United States
  • Confidentiality agreement will be signed, and background checks undertaken
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Estate Manager
Highly Competitive

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