Senior Project Manager

| Boston, MA, United States

Posted Date 8/13/2021

Light Hill Property Management LLC

Job Description

Position Title:  Senior Project Manager

Reports to:  Head of Real Estate



Oversee all real estate and building projects at the clients’ private residences, homes and land. Manage custom home projects from architectural concept and design through completion.  The role is threefold.  First, act as Owner’s Representative ensuring clients’ best interests are upheld in all real estate and building projects.  Second, act as project manager in the technical sense, managing budgets, contractors, and tasks on a client approved timeline. Third, act on behalf of the trusts affiliated with each property, providing proper documentation needed to defend capital improvements, being ever mindful of the regulations surrounding the trusts and the backup required for any decision made.



·   Aid clients in choosing design contractors, architects, interior designers, consultants and experts to facilitate a smooth and successful planning process where the client’s visions, ideas and plans are kept central. Coordinate meetings as needed to review the design process and keep clients apprised of all design needs and actions. Keep minutes of such meetings and confirm all decisions and actions to clients and vendors.




·   Create or manage detailed budgets for all projects under consideration and contemplated by the clients.

·   Create and submit an original budget for each project.

·   Review and approve for submittal to clients all invoices and charges related to projects. Ensuring care is taken to review invoices against quotes, contracts and change orders. Provide back up and reports to substantiate invoices.



·   Engage with contractors and vendors contracting for work at the best price and quality.  Review all contracts submit to legal for approval when required.  Ensure that all contractors have appropriate insurance, have signed confidentially agreements and have passed background checks before using them on a job.  Manage contracts for work and ensure vendors provide services as promised.



·   Lead and supervise the team of project managers overseeing all projects.

·   Ensure highest levels of safety and security is upheld on all projects through training, continued education, third party and personal regular site inspections.

·   Uphold the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy for the clients and their projects.

·   Hold monthly meetings with all Project Managers to ensure that all projects are on track and support documentation and information is being accurately kept.

·   Communicate with the broader team as needed to support projects. Work with other interested parties including household staff, caretakers, curatorial, legal, insurance, bill pay and HR to ensure information is transferred and communicated effectively.

·   Meet with Head of Real Estate weekly to update on all projects and keep apprised of work performed and planned.

·   Encourage development of the team by engaging them in all aspects of project management, planning training, and teaching building technology and envelope design.

·   Travel as required within New England, Florida and Bermuda to oversee projects and manage the work undertaken at the worksite.

·   Ensure all worksites are safe and that staff and contractors are working to the safety plans.

·   Ensure all work sites are kept neat and clean and contractors behave in a professional and correct manner representing clients and company to the highest level.


Client Interaction

·   Meet with clients as and when required to ensure a smooth and successful project. Ensure communication is accurate and information on projects is shared with clients in a timely and concise manner.





Education and Experience 

·   Bachelor’s Degree (Architecture, Construction Project Management, or related field) preferred

·   15+ years in similar or related position

·   Proven success managing custom, high-end residential projects of various sizes and degrees of complexity

·   MA Construction Supervisors License preferred not essential

·   Current valid driving license is essential

·   Legally able to work in the U.S.A.


Skills and Knowledge

·   Ability to lead a team of project managers and motivate them to provide the highest levels of service and quality on behalf of the client.

·   Ultimate respect for absolute privacy, and confidentiality of all work-related details.

·   Flexibility, highly effective communication skills, dependability and efficiency.  A high value is placed on a professional demeanor, integrity, honesty and discretion.

·   Excellent listening skills essential.

·   An understanding of how to properly handle hazardous materials.  A high value is placed on safety and security, with training in OSHA 30 and first aid provided, if not existing.

·   High degree of common sense, flexibility and a “hands on” approach to getting the job done.

·   Flexibility, resilience and resourcefulness in addressing project issues and any alterations promptly and efficiently.

·   Excellent writing ability, with a solid understanding and proficiency in Microsoft Office suite.

·   Comfortable with and adept at learning new technology interfaces and software, such as AutoCAD and Sketch Up.

·   Exhibits growing self-confidence in dealing with or escalating project issues.

·   Effectively prioritizes and executes tasks in a high-pressure environment.

·   Adept at conducting research into project related issues and products.

·   Strong written and oral communication skills.

·   Conforms to shifting priorities, demands and timelines through analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

·   Displays good teamwork skills and potential to develop team leadership skills.

·   Knowledge and expertise in the use of project management methodologies and tools.

·   Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

·   Self-motivator and independent worker.

·   Ability to read communication styles of team members and contractors who come from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

·   Exceptional client management skills and the ability to build goodwill.

·   Effective time management and logical decision-making ability.

·   Strong focus on quality.

·   Ability to handle pressure.

·   Variable interior and exterior conditions throughout the year in various climates.

·   Work at heights on occasion.

·   Mobility and flexibility to lift and carry often heavy objects

·   Occasional work on weekends and evenings as project dictates

·   Knowledge of home automation and technology systems essential

·   Knowledge of equestrian operations and buildings; preferred not essential

·   Experience and understanding of both cold and warm climate building techniques considered a plus

·   Experience with general landscaping, forestry, woodland and fine gardening projects also helpful

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commensurate with experience; competitive

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