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| New York, NY, United States

Posted Date 9/03/2021


The Junior Houseman (JH) is responsible for supporting the property and household teams of a private family residing in New York City.  This role will support the teams, family, and their pets while at the family's primary residence in NYC and may travel to the Hamptons and their other US and international properties. This position will maintain the interior and exterior areas of the properties. The JH’s duties include sweeping terraces and sidewalks, moving furniture, cleaning lighting fixtures, cleaning outdoor cushions, changing interior and exterior light bulbs and batteries in all electronics, maintaining fireplaces, gym and pool maintenance, trash and recycling management, providing housekeeping support as needed, deep cleaning appliances (i.e., ovens, grills, etc.), providing concierge services to family, and taking care of the family’s dogs. The JH will coordinate and interact with housekeepers, dog trainers, veterinarians, Personal Household Assistants (PHA’s), and family members. The JH is a new role in an evolving single-family office. This role reports to the Senior Houseman and to the Director of Facilities, who is responsible for ensuring exceptional service delivery in facilities and property maintenance at the properties but should expect to take real-time direction from members of the Household Services team.   


This role must be experienced with dogs and should feel comfortable leading them on leashes. Routine duties include following and updating feeding and watering schedules, administering medications, following veterinarians’ medication schedules and post-visit care, scheduling regular veterinarian visits, coordinating grooming schedules, and providing daily dog-walking/exercising and waste/stain removal. The JH is responsible for ensuring the safety of the animals, communicating any unusual behavior, and immediately reporting any injuries or illnesses.


The JH will also assist with miscellaneous tasks, including deliveries and luggage movement, heavy lifting, box break-down, event setup/break down, errand running, special cleaning projects, and pickups/drop-offs.  The weekly schedule is generally Monday through Friday, plus weekends and holidays as needed. The JH is a collaborative and hands-on position and works closely with others to anticipate and be responsive to the family and their guest's needs. The JH must maintain and function within all prescribed safety and COVID-related protocols.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Houseman Responsibilities-

  • Daily Walkthrough — Conduct daily interior and exterior walk-throughs, inspection for broken items.
  • Outdoor Maintenance – Polishing fixtures, sweeping entryways, gate handles, umbrellas, etc. Sweeping sidewalks and terraces.
  • Indoor Maintenance —Cleaning and maintaining fireplaces, stocking wood and fire supplies when needed. Ensuring fireplace is set up for next use. Change interior and exterior light bulbs. Replace batteries in electronics. Ability to operate and troubleshoot smart home systems.
  • Pool Maintenance — Perform daily maintenance of spas/pool.
  • Outdoor Furniture – Setting up, moving, and cleaning furniture (i.e., arranging cushions, covers, chairs, tables).
  • Trash Management — Manage trash and recycling.
  • Event Setup/Break down — Assist in the setting up and breaking down of events (i.e., tables, chairs, etc.).
  • Heavy lifting — Assist with luggage, heavy packages, furniture, turn a mattress, set up for a party, etc.
  • Gym — Clean and test gym and spa equipment for functionality.
  • Cleaning — Assist Housekeepers in deep clean appliances when needed (i.e., ovens).
  • Concierge tasks — Ability to serve food and beverage during meal services.
  • Miscellaneous Tasks -- Assisting with deliveries, boxes, groceries, errand running, pickups/drop-offs, and picking up items at local stores. 


Dog Care Responsibilities

  • Scheduling and walking multiple dogs in various weather conditions.
  • Regularly recording information specifying which dogs were walked, the duration of the walks, and if there were any unusual or abnormal observations.
  • Safely transporting dogs to and from their homes.
  • Picking up and disposing of pet waste and cleaning pet stains.
  • Ensuring that all dogs have fresh water and food as required.
  • Taking all necessary precautions to ensure that the dogs and those around them are safe.
  • Providing regular updates to family and/or managers, which includes sharing photos, videos, and locations.
  • Notifying manager if dogs become sick or injured before, during, or after walks.
  • Attend regular meetings with the team to understand daily events, family movements, and key responsibilities. Communicate clearly and consistently with all property staff and all off-site partners.




Education & Experience

  • High school degree preferred and a minimum of two-plus years of relevant experience as a houseman, butler, housekeeper, or groundsman. Has at least one year of experience with dogs.
  • Have OR obtain a Pet CPR and First Aid Certification within 30 days of hire.
  • Working knowledge of positive reinforcement training.
  • Available to walk dogs during peak walking times and the ability to walk for long periods.
  • Experience supporting diverse service teams, including personal service assistants, child caregivers, housekeepers, chefs, drivers, and other staff/vendors as may be required.
  • Household support experience within a high-service, action-oriented private household environment with high accountability levels.
  • Experience in maintaining the confidentiality, safety, security, and privacy of a private employer.


Personal Qualities & Character Sketch

  • Warm, polished, poised, intuitive, respectful, calm, and collaborative by nature.
  • Highly organized, efficient, service-oriented, and low ego. Works well under pressure, not easily frazzled.
  • Ability to wear many hats and transition into additional roles as the need arises – must be very hands-on.
  • Is observant and attentive to the Principal's preferences and intuitive at replicating the qualities they enjoy.
  • Has a can-do attitude, no task being too great or too small, and genuinely enjoys providing personal service.

Verifiable references, a thorough background check, drug screen, and online assessment will be required of all qualified finalists.

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