Personal Assistant/Household(s) Manager (local candidates, preferred)

| San Francisco, CA, United States

Posted Date 4/29/2022


Personal Assistant/Household(s) Manager 



A Pacific Heights-based family seeks a Personal Assistant/Household(s) Manager to oversee day-to-day realities of their multi-generational homes (one primary home, and a secondary home nearby). This is a newly created role, and one that the family hopes will grow with them over time.  The role may evolve and/or expand, but the following covers what we believe the role will include to start.  


*Please note the specific applications instructions listed at the bottom of this ad.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Vendor management and maintenance schedules - You will become the point-of-contact for all household vendors (making appts, meeting vendors, providing you notes from the vendor visits, holding them accountable for their work and timelines), and establish and adhere to household maintenance schedules.
  • Household/property management -  Broad responsibilities to make sure items are stocked, issues are addressed, things are maintained and in working order, and vendors have your contact info. 
  • Research – Research could include: finding a vendor, getting [and tracking] multiple bids, sourcing multiple options for a vacation, or camps for kids, or day hikes around the area, etc.
  • Shopping/purchasing -  This may include grocery shopping/grocery ordering, buying/stocking household items, clothing and personal items, personal and holiday shopping, etc.  
  • Errands – examples: dry cleaning, returns, shipping, picking up orders, etc.
  • Calendaring -  Responsible for personal/family calendaring, coordinating with principals’ business team, and other staff. Additionally, as the point-of-contact for most personal travel and household goings-on, this role will be responsible for a lot of Schedule coordination.  
  • Liaison and communicator - You will often be a communicator of information on behalf of the family with their friends, family members, and trusted advisors. 
  • Travel - Personal travel research, booking, logistics, and end-to-end itinerary prep and oversight.  
  • Fiduciary responsibilities - The position may include basic financial responsibilities, such as payroll for personal staff
  • Administrative responsibilities -  The position will include some administrative work (daily or weekly updates, message-taking, filing, organizing, sorting mail, etc.)
  • Additional project management and ad hoc support -   In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities of this role, there will occasionally be one-off, small projects and long-term projects.  Examples of both:
    • planning a bday party
    • dealing with insurance issues
    • a room renovation
    • managing a large event
    • addressing household and employee tech issues
    • staying current with paperwork related to vehicles and personal assets 
    • Vehicle maintenance – taking for oil changes, car washes, scheduling maintenance, etc. 
    • dog-related needs
  • (Note: the position does not currently involve managing other staff members.  Over time, there may be a need to hire long- or short-term employees and it may be helpful to have this person lead those efforts)


The professional we hire:

  • Is an experienced assistant/manager who has professionally supported a busy, private household or estate
  • Is a genuine, warm, trustworthy person, comfortable and friendly will all age groups
  • A hard-working, ethical, and earnest private service professional who takes pride in your work
  • A collaborative team-player, who will be able to provide references who can speak to this
  • Operates with a sense of urgency, but in doing so does not compromise quality of work
  • Has very strong organization skills (you pride yourself on how you think and plan)
  • Takes ownership and responsibilities for this work, and is careful and precise 
  • Is motivated to do this work.  While we seek an experienced individual for this role, it’s important the person is still enthusiastic about this type of work. 
  • Is punctual
  • Poised and professional
  • Is discreet and confidential about your work



  • Local candidates, strongly preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred 
  • Minimum of 4-6 years of professional experience, within a private household or estate
  • Tech- and computer-savvy  
  • Travel research and travel booking experience (for someone other than yourself/family)
  • Valid driver’s license and clean driving record 
  • Must be comfortable around dogs (there is one medium-sized dog in the house)
  • Covid-related: Must be vaccinated, boosted, and practice safe behavior.  There are both young and elder populations in the home and they may ask employees to be tested before coming into the home.  


Work realities: 

  • At this time, a lot of the work can be done remote, but because that could change and/or require in-person presence at times, a commute to the homes should be easy and uncomplicated.  The feeling this family wants is that the person is a minute away, whether literally or achieved in a different manner.
  • There is not a dedicated office for this position in the home, but there will be a need  to be at the home to meet with principals and/or other staff, meet/direct vendors, or work on a project in the home. 
  • Availability to answer emails/calls/texts outside of the business day will be expected. 
  • When working on-site (in the home), the hours would be within 9am - 5pm
  • No travel necessary at this time


Additional information:

  • Candidate must pass an extensive background check.
  • Professional references will be called
  • Candidate will be required to sign a Non Disclosure/ Confidentiality Agreement.


To apply:

PLEASE READ: In lieu of a formulaic cover letter, please answer the following questions within the body of your reply, and be sure to include your resume. 

  1. Why are you seeking a new position at this time?
  2. Knowing that there are similar roles open with other employers, how does this position differ from those other roles and make this one worthy of your attention?
  3. Because it’s sometimes hard to convey the essence of who you are professionally, via resume, please share two important true qualities about you that are likely not obvious when reading your resume.
  4. Please confirm that you meet all the requirements listed.
  5. Please confirm that you understand that this position is not a position that will always fit within set business hours, and that you are comfortable with the flexibility required, on-site and off-site.
  6. Share something fun or unique about yourself; we’d love to know there is a human being applying for this job!

Thank you for your time reviewing this job description and applying for the job. Due to the volume of responses we receive, we will not be able to acknowledge each application. If we feel you could be a good fit for this position, we will contact you. Please do not contact us multiple times.

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